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Hi, and welcome to my Smart Dating blog!

— If you think that it’s sexy to be smart then this is going to be interesting reading —

My fruitless dating experiences over the past few years led me to create my own dating website and singles events so that I could search for an intellectual companion who matched my curiosity of life and the universe. Heck, if one guy could create the number one dating site in the world all by himself, then I would create the number one smart site

This was not without effort in trying all the dating sites out there – I must have placed profiles on at least a dozen different sites, from eharmony to match.com to datehookup. Nor did I have any success with exclusive, educated, intellectual, and as such websites, and got tired of dating cardiologists or aspiring novelists. Not that I had trouble finding dates, but for the most part I was bored, and any attraction, if at all, was mostly physical.

Maybe my problem was being too picky, or too strage or just not fitting in – but surely there must be others like me, or maybe I should just give up. Why should I be different? My desire to do things differently, had not made things easy for me in other ways. One failed marriage, two mediocre careers, no family … where do we begin to look for the problem?

So I created BrainiacDating.com to realize my quest. It would be a free dating site, funded at my own expense, and intended not only help me, but others like me out there. Anyone could join, just as long as they could figure out how to fill out a simple personal profile.

This blog is all about my experiences to do with online and offline dating and my dating quest! Feel free to send me your thoughts and ideas, or to post comments.

Lawrence Chernin, PhD.
New York Brainiac Singles
San Francisco Brainiac Singles


2 Responses to “About this blog”

  1. The Pressure On Women To Dumb Down For Dating | Hot Ice Project Says:

    […] And smart women are, apparently, very threatening. I have plenty of anecdotes about my own encounters with this subtle form of misogyny–I’ve lost count of the times a guy has winced when I say I’m getting my Ph.D.–none of which stands out as particularly hilarious and worth repeating, but they all carried an undercurrent of fear. Fear that an intelligent woman might, I don’t know, mock and subsequently castrate whatever dude she’s talking to? Interestingly, most of my guy friends also have anecdotes about how awful it is when they encounter a girl who seems to be dumbing herself down for social expectations. So this phenomenon isn’t universal, but is still widespread enough to be problematic for intelligent women and the people who want to date them for who they are. There’s even a blog dedicated to helping sexy singles who value intelligence find each other! […]

  2. david Says:

    It is just this kind of contrived conversation/comments from Ms. Phd that encapsulates exactly what’s wrong with that mindset. A Phd does NOT make one intelligent. Intelligence is there – born and I guess – innate – only curiosity for the known and uinknown can be its measure.
    In just the same way as sexy is not a look – its a feeling – a confidence that is NOT contrived. You cannot acquire intelligence – only knowledge.
    Intelligence can never be contrived. Even success is NOT a measure of intelligence. This is a major fallacy that props up the American psyche. And is self-delusionary. Another aspect of proof for the existence (or non-existence) of intelligence!

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