Plenty of Fish requires members to insert income!

Is Plenty of Fish’s management insane?

This was a new message I saw when I recently logged into the website.

This is definitely going to hurt POF, and may even result in a legal action.
Why do they need it for matching people. I don’t care about that. I just use the search to find matches.
I think they need it for improving their advertising targeting. Thus it looks like just another money grab.

Their policy for kicking people off the site is also very questionable.
I know several people on my site – Brainiac Dating who have been kicked out of POF without valid reasons.

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15 Responses to “Plenty of Fish requires members to insert income!”

  1. Ms.onlinedater Says:

    So what should we all do about this? Frankly it concerns me to put it mildly. I did not even know that it was mandatory till I read your blog and then checked it out myself today. I’m even afraid to contact them as I feel they will delete my profile for just asking. Perhaps a law suit would be good idea. I guess we should all start by complaining to the BBB and Canada’s Privacy Commissioner as a large group. Another avenue would be one of the TV news networks like CTV, and yet another – a Facebook petition. I’ve never complained about anything like this before so this is new to me. As a group we might be stronger but how do we get group consensus on this?

  2. bitsofstardust Says:

    It’s just one in a long line of marginally unethical things that they have done. But overall, I still feel POF has a fair bit more integrity than the folks who run and eharmony.
    I give examples of their issues other posts in this blog.

    • mark Says:

      I’ve been on Match for a long time. No problems. But I agree with the people who have problems with pof. You get kicked off for unknown reasons without any recourse. And if another member complains about you, it doesn’t matter if it’s false or misleading, pof regards it as ultimate truth.

  3. steven Says:

    I have been kicked off pof many times. once for blocking too many women so they blocked me back…they said i was blocked too many times..well fat women i have no interest. Also they suspended me for being “mean” and i have been kicked off 2x and i have no idea why..usually after 48 hrs

    • mark Says:

      so how do you get back on pof after you’ve been kicked off? I was kicked off the site, and I have no idea why. So if you’ve been kicked off 2x, then you got back on. When I try, the site rejectes me, so how do you do it?

  4. Curry Says:

    I completely agree. I don’t even tell my own mother and father my income, and I certainly am not going to tell it to any stranger or a mindless, tasteless server robot. How appalling and insulting. Talk about judging people based upon absolutely nothing. I make a fine living, thank you very much, and it’s completely none of POF’s, nor anyone else’s, business (including any potential dates).

  5. plentyoffishsucks2 Says:

    No, I don’t think the owner of Plenty of Fish is insane. He just doesn’t know what he is doing.
    For example, recently he started a new dating site that he hopes to charge money for people to use. Nobody is going to pay to use that site.

  6. Remo Pirelli Says:

    I’m willing to sue, money is no issue, id love to play with pof a bit…i got kicked off, cause some women didnt like what i had to say…big deal….no means no…so, what? i can get 5 guys together, and tell them to block a particular person, and there banned or kicked off pof? why is it sooo easy? you have to sue, hurt them, to have change….im in if anyones in..

  7. mary Says:

    well i’m a woman and i got kicked off, i don’t even know why some guy i said no to and he got pissed and well i can’ think of anything else, also perhaps 3 guys wanted to meet me, i didn’ t immediatedly say ‘yes’……..wierd and upsetting, i’m not sure i’d waste any time sueing them – no….just wierd

  8. Heywood Jablohmy Says:

    Really, what is the purpose of posting income in the profile? You can’t even see what other users post as their income level. And, YES, it does matter. It is one factor in compatibility.

  9. Says:

    I guess I am not the only one. I have been on there three years, and couldn’t log in this morning. I cannot even create a new profile-the system will not let me. I have blocked a few people, but other than that-no reasons.

  10. Lea Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Started creating a profile there and then I saw they required my income. I agree it’s NONE of their business what I make. Oh well – on to other sites that don’t demand personal information like that. It’s one thing I NEVER fill out in any survey, questionnaire or whatever.

  11. Leonia Says:

    BS… POF does matching you based on your income. When they recommend your matches or your were recommended to other people it was based on income, plus maybe smoking habit too. I have put my actual income as divorces and single mother, and whom I got regards of my education and other factors, men with no education and other virtues. As soon as I have changes my income to literally highest one I’ve got businessmen, lawyers, doctors, etc who were matched to me, or I was sent as a match to them. Now , you see, try the trick

  12. gorno porno Says:

    Yes, POF kicks people off without valid reasons. I think it may be an automated process. I once complained about a memeber and in a few minutes I received an e-mail asking if I wanted the member to be warned or kicked off the site. I chose warn. So I don’t think any human being even get involved in the process and there’s no one you can contact to be reinstated. And I would think Markus Frind knows about this, but couldn’t care less. All he cares about is the money he makes. To have someone check out member complaints would cost him money.

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