DATING: Top iOS Apps vs Web Sites

According to the iOS data ranks on App Annie and compared to the website ranks. Some apps do not have a web application, like Sapio.


App Ranks on Feb 21 2017

Site/App iOs Rank Alexa Rank 72 1403
Tinder 74 26,691
Hinge 110 371,567
eHarmony 120 9233
POF 226 803
Bumble 270 140,439
Zoosk 349 4405
Ok Cupid 720 804
Sapio 800 1,011,711
Coffee Meets Bagel 1391 147,256

Yes, I may have missed some.

Check out the ranks of the dating websites:
These are ranks collected by

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New Smarter Dating App

I recently came across Sapio:  and was wondering if it was true sapiosexual dating or just a marketing effort.


I looked at the two questions on their home page for Jennifer, 27 and just have no idea. I just tried to deconstruct the logic of the questions and just came up empty. Guess I am not for them.


The OkCupid site did a lot better at using questions to help match people.

So the hunt for the Sapios continues… maybe on brainiac?


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100% Free

Brainiac is now 100% Free just like when it first started.

Since I don’t plan to run any ads on the site I have no idea how it will pay for itself, but I will figure that out later.

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Wow, POF sold for $575 million

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Non Brainiacs

This is why brainiacs is self-selecting:

Here was feedback someone gave today for leaving the site:

The quality of people on this site is very poor as is this site. The interface and features are underdeveloped.

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Mr Spock LLOP Leonard Nimoy RIP

Even the president tweeted about this today. He was so cool to be a nerd, but so sad on Nimoy’s passing out of this planet.

Wish we could have performed advanced surgery from the 23rd century to cure his COPD. Maybe this should be a reminder to anyone who smokes – it kills.

So for those of you who are dating and looking to live long and prosper, please don’t smoke.  Be a brainiac!

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Better Relationships means better sleep and that means better health!

A partner’s sleep can influence our own, and vice versa. Research from Dr. Wendy Troxel, a behavioral scientist at RAND and advisor to SleepRate, has shown that relationship conflict can spill into shared sleeping problems at night, which in turn can fuel even more relationship conflict the next day. On the other hand, higher levels of relationship satisfaction have been linked to better sleep.

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